MaximICE Slurry Ice offers the best solution for process cooling, fish chilling, (TES) thermal energy storage cold storage


Slurry Ice has been around for decades and has found success in a variety of applications from seafood chilling and processing to large scale Thermal Energy Storage. 

MaximICE advantages

MaximICE by IceSynergy offers inherent advantages in energy efficiency, capacity and ice transportation as well as a versatile product range that can meet the demands of a wide variety of users. MaximICE technology is extremely well suited for use in fish and produce industries with its Variable-State Ice capability and smooth micron sized ice crystals.

Direct Contact Chilling

saltwater in a slurry ice form as used in fisheries and fish preservation/processing to preserve food value and quality Vegetable and fruit chilling preserves freshness and marketability chicken and other poultry processing using ice slurry reduces spoilage

Fish Chilling

Vegetable Chilling

Poultry Process Chilling

Process cooling for breweries, dairy processing plants and beverage

Using micron size ice crystals in a pumpable slurry ice for cold storage in meat packing The energy efficiency coefficient in micron crystal slurry ice is ideal for industrial HVAC TES district cooling offers inherent advantages in energy efficiency.

Cold Storage

Thermal Energy Storage Cooling

TES District Cooling

Advanced latent liquid energy technology

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The best solution for process cooling, fish chilling, (TES) thermal energy storage cold storage is MaximICE Slurry Ice