Process cooling and pumped ice slurry vegetable chilling using MaximICE Slurry Ice Technologies

Vegetable Chilling

It is critical that for some produce after it is picked that it be chilled quickly to prevent degradation of the product. The heat must be removed as quickly as possible in the field. For example broccoli after it is picked is quickly packed into crates filled with ice in the field to ensure the quality all the way through until it reaches the final customer. Vegetables packed with MaximICE Variable State ice (80% ~ 100% ice fraction) arrive at the market in better condition and with longer shelf life than vegetables shipped with flake ice.

vegetable chilling and packing using variable state ice preserves the nutritional value and marketability of produce

MaximICE® can also provide cooling applications for produce with the cooling capacity of MaximICE® which can be 4 to 6 times that of chilled water depending on the ice fraction of the solution. The MaximICE® slurry is a suspension of crystallized water based ice solution and can be pumped giving this technology excellent handling and cooling capability. The processed can be modified to meet various applications by adjusting the ice concentration. This makes the MaximICE® slurry ideal for fruit and vegetable cooling.

See Direct Contact Chilling

direct chilling using the economical power of slurry ice
Latent energy inherent in slurry ice

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Vegetable chilling is achieved economically using unique MaximICE pumped ice slurry technologies process cooling