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Poultry Chilling

In the poultry processing chilling plays an important role and various methods and chiller types are currently being used in the industry. Chillers fall into various categories that include; continuous drag chillers, parallel-flow tumble chillers, counter-flow tumble chillers and oscillating vat chillers.  Drag chillers and Parallel-Flow tumble chillers are typically composed of two vats with 40 degree water and the second vat containing chiller water or a low ice fraction ice slurry. Counter flow tumble chillers work much in the same way except the water flows against the direction of the moving carcasses. Oscillating chillers utilizes two tanks for cooling, one for pre-cooling and the second for chilling at about 33-35 degrees °F. 

Cost savings achieved using the pumped ice slurry of MaximICE slurry ice process cooling in production, packaging and transportation

In order to inhibit microbiological growth during poultry processing, it is critical to maintain low temperatures

The MaximICE® slurry can be used to increase the effectiveness of various chilling applications as well as to create an ice bath that will chill the product quickly while maintaining product temperature.  For fresh chicken ice slurry is used to pack the product during transportation to maintain freshness while transporting.

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efficient direct contact chilling
chiller systems for the poultry and meat processing industry

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Process cooling / process chilling for poultry processing using MaximICE Slurry Ice Technologies