Cold Storage using MaximICE Slurry Ice Technologies for thermal energy storage (TES) and pumped slurry ice systems

Cold Storage

Cooling in a Cold Storage facility can be achieved efficiently and economically by utilizing the MaximICE system.  Maintaining cool temperatures for products such as fresh produce from the packing stations is critical to maintain freshness and quality.  Produce can be rapidly cooled in the cold store whereby the energy stored during packing periods is recovered to provide 98% relative humidity 1°C air off temperature, for short rapid cooling to improve shelf life of produce.

Slurry ice is a crystallized water-based ice solution that can be pumped and offers a secondary cooling medium for thermal energy storage while remaining fluid enough to pump. It flows like conventional chilled water while providing 5 to 6 times the cooling capacity. 

cost effective energy saving rapid chilling saves energy and cost
Rapid chilling provides efficiencies and energy savings.

There is no need for a large chiller, because the MaximICE system delivers lower temperature to air handlers than could be achieved by chiller systems.

The MaximICE system is designed to operate until the tank is full or during rapid cooling periods in order to introduce ice into the cooling circuit. The stored energy produced during off-peak/low-load periods is later utilized to satisfy the short and sharp peak loads. The installed refrigeration machinery is normally 1/3 of the equivalent capacity of a conventional direct cooling system. Harvested fresh vegetables are subjected to rapid cooling in the cold storage facility. Ice slurry generated by the MaximICE system is pumped to the cooling coils which provide temperatures as low as 32°F (0°C) during rapid cooling periods.

maintain product freshness and improve shelf life
Produce can be rapidly cooled in the cold storage plant

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Using MaximICE Slurry Ice Technologies thermal energy storage (TES) for pumped slurry ice systems in cold storage