TES process cooling using energy efficient MaximICE Slurry Ice thermal energy storage technology

TES Process Cooling

Deliver 28°F (-2.2°C) temperatures to your process heat load regardless wide fluctuations in the heat load demands!

Slurry Ice Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for process cooling provides many very impressive benefits to dairies, breweries, tea and other beverage plants, meat & food processing plants and manufacturing plants. Slurry Ice excels in these applications because of the high latent energy found in the small, fluid ice crystals which can maintain solution temperature being pumped to heat loads and absorb massive amounts of heat very quickly and consistently.  Following are several key benefits:

  • The ability to cool, or crash, large heat loads in a short period of time with a small refrigeration system operated in off-peak hours.

  • The ability to more consistently deliver temperatures as low as 26°F (-3.3°C) to a process heat exchanger resulting in a constant delivery of 28°F (-2.2°C) temperatures to high heat load processes regardless of wide fluctuations in the heat load profile or processing demands.

Product process cooling and other food processing and manufacturing plants benefit though efficiencies and significant cost savings

  • The ability to load level (during demand rate periods) or load shift to the evening hours when electrical rates may be lower and ambient temperatures allow for more efficient operation.  (Other ice technologies can level and shift heat loads, but lack the capability to crash large heat loads in a very short period of time like slurry ice.)

  • Cost savings on piping, pumps and other system equipment along with improved product quality from more consistently lower temperatures.

  • When pumping the slurry ice through a plate and frame heat exchanger, the latent energy in the ice can be utilized to achieve a greater temperature differential and produce a more efficient cooling process, thus reducing the size of the heat exchanger at the same time.

  • The ability to cut process loop piping in half by using the latent energy of pumped ice slurry to achieve the same temperature in the return solution as the supply solution.

The power of energy stored in ice
process temperature control in food production using the economical power of pumped slurry ice

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MaximICE Slurry Ice offers energy efficient thermal energy storage technology for TES process cooling