Fish chilling using MaximICE Slurry Ice Technologies for direct variable state chilling

The MaximICE advantage in
variable-state fish chilling

The MaximICE ORE technology is capable of flexible multi-phased systems that greatly improve preservation quality and customer profits by providing variable temperatures & ice-states with a variety of ice fractions (0% ~ 100%).

The unique characteristics of the MaximICE® slurry ice crystals are ideal for rapid chilling of fish. This fluid slurry ice is composed of smooth microscopic ice crystals which flow easily through distribution piping, lifting and surrounding the fish regardless of size and weight, and provide maximum surface area for heat absorption. Flake ice, or even flake ice mixed with water, can’t achieve the same chilling effect.  (Some manufacturers of “slurry ice” simply mix flake ice with water.) The latent energy of the encompassing slurry ice has tremendous capacity to absorb heat and chill the fish quickly and efficiently without causing freezing or freezer burn.  It ensures rapid cooling to the fish core and precise final temperature which results in better product quality, longer shelf life and premium pricing. Additionally, labor costs in packing and processing can be reduced by pumping the slurry directly to the point of use.   

MaximICE® systems can utilize sea water or a brine solution for slurry ice generation, both of which are preferred methods for maintaining the natural quality of fish and other seafood products. MaximICE slurry ice provides the following advantages:

protecting the catch from freezer burn and discoloration using slurry ice rapid cooling in a liquid ice form

Variable State IceAdaptable to a wide variety of customer applications with microscopic ice crystals in an ice fraction of 0% ~ 100% and a wide range of temperatures and salinity levels.

Unmatched Energy Efficiency The MaximICE Orbital Rod Evaporator is the most energy efficient slurry ice generator available, bar none, achieving constant high suction temperatures of approximately 16°F (-8.8°C). 

Efficient ChillingMaximICE slurry ice delivers rapid, uniform chilling at desired temperatures without freezing the product.

Easy, Efficient DeliveryIce slurry is easily pumped in desired proportions and ice fractions to multiple points of use while reducing labor, clean up time and ice wastage.

Product FriendlyMaximICE slurry ice crystals are formed in solution under high agitation, creating a tiny, rounded crystal which is easy on the product and prevents discoloration, unlike flake ice, shell ice, or cracked ice which has jagged edges.

Ultimate Design Flexibility -- With the compact, modular ORE ice generator design and the ability to separate the ORE from the condensing package and storage tank, MaximICE slurry ice systems provide the ideal solution for renovation/ expansion projects and squeezing equipment into tight quarters in mechanical rooms.  

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packaging fish for transportation
Using the latent energy of slurry ice for fish preservation, ice packaging and transportation

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Variable state chilling is efficiently achieved with MaximICE Slurry Ice Technologies using direct cooling for fish chilling