Using ultra efficient MaximICE Slurry Ice Technologies for HVAC TES district cooling and comfort cooling

TES District Cooling

District cooling provides the same features and benefits as comfort cooling with TES but on a much larger scale. The system ideally employs the production of ice or chilled water during off-peak electrical usage periods (usually at night) using lower cost electricity. This stored energy is then distributed to several buildings or facilities during on-peak electrical usage periods for air conditioning.

MaximICE Slurry Ice (Thermal Energy Storage) TES District Cooling provides the following unique benefits:

<> Lower delivery temperatures (28°F ~ 34°F) to the heat exchangers
<> Lower temperatures to air handling units (32°F ~ 36°F)
<> Lower relative humidity for more effective cooling
<> Greatly reduced construction, installation and operational costs of
overall HVAC system:

– Reduced heat exchanger sizes.
– Reduced pump and pipe sizes.
– Reduced air handling unit sizes.
– Reduced flow rates.
– Greatly reduced TES tank size (compared to chilled water system).
– Reduced space for air ducts, decreasing building – height requirements and construction costs.

<> Most energy efficient ice generator available. 
<> Largest capacity systems available in the smallest footprint.
<> Flexibility to operate as a chiller as well as an ice maker.
<> Flexible and cost effective tank design and utilization.

TES district cooling achieved more economically using MaximICE slurry ice in the central chilling plant with the added benefit of reduced construction costs in major structures

Using the power of slurry ice to achieve climate control in building complexes
Climate control in large buildings using the economical power of regenerated slurry ice

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District cooling and comfort cooling is achieved using ecomomical MaximICE Slurry Ice Technologies thermal energy storage in TES HVAC systems