Direct contact chilling and process cooling using slurry ice for the fish, vegetable and poultry processing industries

Direct Contact Chilling
(Fish, Vegetable, Poultry)

The MaximICE difference is manifest in the way our proprietary technology generates a rounded (geometrically superior) ice crystal in the liquid medium itself. Older, less efficient technologies such as flakers and ice harvesters require the mixing of fractured pieces of ice with a liquid medium in order to create ice slurry

The MaximICE® system generates the slurry ice crystals in solution and can produce variable state ice with different ice concentrations to meet customer needs for different products.  Our slurry ice can be pumped to the point of use, eliminating costly and maintenance intensive rakes, augers and ice conveying systems.

slurry ice generator benefits the fishing industry
Fish Chilling:

Maintaining produce freshness for transportation

Vegetable Chilling:
Poultry process cooling essential for product protection in the meat industry
Poultry Process Chilling:

The benefits of MaximICE chilling are obvious and include:

<> Faster chilling to the product core

<> Increased shelf life

<> Rounded ice crystals for preventing surface damage

<> Variable state ice concentrations

<> Pumpable to point of use

<> Reduced refrigeration system size 

<> Energy savings over all other ice making systems

<> Reduced processing time

Using the power of latent energy in liquid slurry ice conveying systems
IceSynergy Latent energy

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Process cooling for the fish, vegetable and poultry processing industries using slurry ice direct contact chilling