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Company Profile

Innovation in Thermal Energy

IceSynergy was born from a simple idea, to produce and market the most efficient, versatile and reliable slurry ice systems in the world.   

With the development of the patented MaximICE Orbital Rod Evaporator (ORE), this notion became a reality. The company is focused on applying the intelligent use of slurry ice energy in the traditional refrigeration industries of process cooling, packaged ice chilling and thermal energy storage in very untraditional and innovative ways. We partner with customers to analyze their processes and requirements and apply our technology and experience to improve their operating and life cycle costs. Providing local, personal service is another key objective of the company.

Worldwide Acceptance

The MaximICE ORE technology was introduced in 1995 and experienced rapid world acceptance with installations in 20 countries in the first 3 years, most of these being HVAC thermal energy storage and process cooling applications.  Many of these installations are over 1,000TR capacity. The largest system, a 4,000TR HVAC system in Seoul, South Korea, has been in operation over 10 years and meets 100% of the comfort cooling load of the TM21 shopping/office complex. The Lotte Group purchased 16 large systems over a 10 year period for buildings they own and operate. 

MaximICE uses slurry ice at nearly uniform ice crystals and predictable temerature levels for process cooling

Meet the management

Significant operational savings from efficiency and reliability of the overall system were key reasons for their loyalty to the ORE technology.


IceSynergy continues to refine and apply the technology to new applications and new markets on an increasingly rapid pace. Process Cooling and Packaged Ice Chilling have evolved into applications of focus with seawater ice slurry becoming an important growth area. 

Applications include:

HVAC / Thermal Energy Storage (TES) 

Fish and Seafood Chilling

Process Cooling

• Dairy & Yogurt

• Breweries

• Meat & Poultry Processing

Fruit and Vegetable Chilling  

Cold Storage

Immersion and Rapid Cooling

• Meat

• Vegetables

• Fruit

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