Industrial refrigeration, process cooling, direct chilling and thermal energy storage design and applications by MaximICE Slurry Ice Technologies

Design and Applications

The IceSynergy MaximICE ORE Slurry Ice Technology offers key advantages over other ice making technologies, all of which save you money:

Superior Energy Efficiency Saves Money
Learn about the savings and how MaximICE puts the “energy” in “IceSynergy”

Pumpable Slurry Ice:
MaximICE Systems can use seawater, brine solution or a water based solution with a non-toxic freeze point depressant to produce a pumpable slurry ice.

Tank Design:
Slurry ice can be pumped into storage tanks. This reduces the need for extra structural support required for ice harvesters located above the storage tanks, and for miles of heat transfer coils and water agitation devices required inside ice-on-coil systems tanks. Slurry ice tanks can be simple insulated tanks of any shape, resulting in least cost design and ultimate flexibility. For example, the height of the slurry ice storage tank can be increased, resulting in a reduction of the tank footprint and saving valuable floor space. This is difficult to achieve in static or other dynamic ice storage systems. Additionally, the tank can be located remotely from the ORE ice generator (outside for example), again allowing for superior design flexibility and space savings strategies. When plant requirements change the MaximICE system can be easily increased or adjusted with modular or incremental design strategies. 

Application Flexibility Saves Money
Slurry Ice offers a variety of unique application capabilities that reduce system equipment and operating costs.

For Process and Rapid Chilling:
<> The ability to cool, or crash, large heat loads in a short period of time with a small refrigeration system.

HVAC comfort cooling of large structures, stadiums and malls
Comfort cooling
fish preservation, chilling and cooling for fish and meat processing plants
Fish chilling & presevation
dairy processing plants and dairy farms benefit from slurry ice chilling
Process cooling
Rapid chilling of vegetable and fruit crops preserves quality
Rapid chilling

For More On Process Cooling:

<> The ability to load level (during peak demand rate periods) or load shift to the evening hours when electrical rates may be lower and ambient temperatures allow for more efficient operation.  (Other ice technologies can level and shift heat loads, but lack the capability to crash large heat loads in a very short period of time like slurry ice.)

<> The ability to more consistently deliver lower temperatures than other ice technologies throughout the burn cycle, allowing for cost savings on piping, pumps and other system equipment along with improved product quality.

<> Utilize the latent energy in the slurry ice to achieve a greater temerature differential in a plate and frame heat exchanger to generate a more efficient cooling process and reduce the size of the heat exchanger.

For More On Direct Contact Chilling:

<> Variable-State Ice capability with ice fractions of up 50% or higher allows for very flexible system design, maximizes its application to customer processes while enhancing product quality.

<> Seawater slurry ice capability with superior chilling capacity over brine solutions and ease of operation for fish processing  

<> Eliminating the costly and maintenance intensive rake and auger systems for conveying flake or crushed ice, as slurry ice can be pumped to the point of use.

<> Slurry ice systems can be designed and sized for either on-demand use with a refrigeration system sized to meet the instantaneous load or designed for ice storage with a smaller refrigeration system, thus allowing flexibility in system costs to meet customer operational requirements.

MaximICE Design and applications for variable state ice systems
Efficient use of ice slurry technology boosts profit margins

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