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MaximICE creates pumpable uniform ice crystals even using seawater - salt water ideal for seafood chilling

MaximICE Technology

At the heart of the MaximICE® Slurry Ice System is the patented Orbital Rod Evaporator (ORE). This evaporator is a breakthrough technology in ice crystal slurry generation that incorporates agitating rods to enhance the heat transfer effectiveness of a multiple-tube heat exchanger.

The ORE is a vertical tube falling film heat exchanger with refrigerant on the shell side and solution (from which the ice slurry is formed) on the tube size. The ORE tube bundle may contain few or many tubes, each with a metal whip rod orbiting around its internal circumference at high speed. The effect of this orbiting whip rod is to agitate the solution in the tube. This agitation enhances the tube side film coefficient by mixing the falling film solution and producing a highly turbulent flow.

The mixing is sufficient to produce a super-cooled liquid that is subsequently relieved by the formation of ice crystals. Thus, the agitated flow generated by the orbiting whip rods creates a very high heat transfer co-efficient and prevents the adhesion of ice crystals to the heat transfer surface The entire whip rod assembly (excluding the direct drive motor) is enclosed in a chamber above the heat exchanger.  This drive system is simple, reliable and readily accessible for maintenance. Component wear is minimal due to lubricating and cooling effects of the low temperature solution, which continuously floods all moving components.

Variable-State slurry ice.

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More about MaximICE Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

The overall heat transfer coefficient for the ORE is very high due to enhanced film coefficients from the whip rod agitation. Compared to ice harvesting systems, for example, the ORE produces heat transfer coefficients ten to fifteen times higher.

Product Models

The MaximICE ORE Slurry Ice Systems can be designed to fit your capacity requirements. Ice generators are available in 3, 25, 50, and 100-ton nominal ice making capacity increments, with 100-ton generators being combined to create up to a 400-ton module.  Additionally, 400-ton modules can be combined on a skid and mated to a large refrigeration compressor package to achieve an 800-ton system.

Design & Applications

Ice slurry generator

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