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MaximICE® Slurry Ice – Micro Ice Crystals for Advanced Solutions

Get the Best Energy Efficiency 
MaximICE® delivers the most energy efficient, large capacity slurry ice systems available anywhere in the world, bar none. 

Pick your Capacity
From 3 tons to 400 ton modules, IceSynergy can customize and integrate any size system for your cooling and ice chilling needs.

Pick Your Application
MaximICE® slurry ice systems offer cost savings and unique solutions for a variety of chilling applications for fish and vegetable, process cooling, meat and poultry, and HVAC thermal energy storage among others.

Get Reliability and Experience
For over 20 years, MaximICE slurry ice systems have delivered reliable and efficient service in over 20 countries across Asia, North America, Europe, the Pacific and Africa.

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MaximICE Slurry ice technologies

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