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MaximICE Slurry Ice Technology breaks the boundaries of traditional ice slurry machine systems to provide industrial operations with the most efficient and effective cooling solutions available.

Applying Intelligent Energy with Slurry Ice 
In today’s world saving energy is imperative and MaximICE delivers the most energy efficient, large capacity slurry ice systems available anywhere in the world, bar none. 

Combining Flexibility with Capacity
With single ice generator skid capacities of 3 tons to 400 tons MaximICE by IceSynergy can customize and integrate any size system for your cooling and ice chilling needs. Modular-skid system designs currently in operation range from 3 tons to 800 tons.

Meeting Needs with Patented Technology
Powered by our patented Orbital Rod Evaporator, MaximICE slurry ice systems offer cost savings and unique product quality benefits to a variety of industries such as food and beverage process cooling, fish and vegetable packing and preservation chilling, cold storage and HVAC thermal energy storage.  

Providing Reliability with a Global History
For the past 15 years, MaximICE slurry ice systems have delivered reliable and efficient service to a wide variety of industries in 20 countries scattered across Asia, North America, Europe, Australia and Africa.

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MaximICE Slurry ice technologies

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Slurry ice technologies • process cooling • ice chilling • direct chilling • thermal energy storage • ice slurry machines • MaximICE Slurry Ice systems